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Sharing some thoughts on the idea behind “Hope Revealed” and how it has evolved in its meaning from day one…⠀

When I began painting this collection over two months ago, the world was a different place.⠀

My thoughts and reflections on the meaning behind this collection were largely propelled by personal experience and growth. “Hope Revealed” was an ongoing internal dialogue for me of looking through the challenges immediately around me and seeing how God would reveal glimmers of hope in different ways - sometimes subtly in the small moments of quiet while other times so evidently there was no denying it.⠀

Today, as I look at what “Hope Revealed” means to me, I see it’s so much easier to see those rays of hope in our lives when we are not faced with life and death. With the current state of our world, it is not so easy to cling to that hope or to see it for that matter. It almost feels forced or disingenuous to talk about hope when truly there are moments of such hopelessness in our midst.⠀

…And yet, we hope. Because without hope, there is only fear. Without hope, we lose. Without hope, we don’t fight. But I’m so encouraged by those who are standing up for themselves, for their country, for their brothers and sisters across the world whom they have never met. That tells me there is hope, that strengthens my resolve to continue hoping, that shows me truly hope revealed. 🙏🙏⠀

Thank you for being here on this artistic journey with me. I hope this collection, “Hope Revealed” will speak to you in some way.

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