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peace overflowing

"Peace Overflowing" was inspired by a recent trip to the Sunshine Coast here in British Columbia, when I was experiencing the overflow of life's fullness - with a big personal move underway - while being surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and natural rocks as well as discarded driftwood strewn along the beaches I visited everyday.

I soaked in all of the natural beauty, colours, and textures around me at a tremendously full time in my life and experienced a genuine sense of peace covering all these different facets of my life. Each line in the wood, each nook in the rocks, every variation in colour, and so on, provided me a moment to step away from the demands of life and focus on a singular thought, idea and inspiration. Each moment soaking in the ocean's cries and the embrace of the wind allowed me to meditate on my immediate surroundings, my Creator and the beauty right in front of me. I could dwell in a sense of peace found right in my present and find reprieve from the seemingly endless weight of responsibilities in my life at that time.


Creating this collection was an exercise in experiencing life to the fullest and peace overflowing from every perspective. Painting provided a beautiful counterpart to the demands of daily life and a gentle balm to my busy heart. I am grateful for this opportunity to share the story of these paintings with you.

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