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in your presence

This collection of paintings is all about being present. In the midst of a new season for me that included moving into a new home and studio, I have been drawn into the practice of slowness, gentle movements, and quiet rhythms as a way of being present in spite of the busyness around me. Carving out a new space physically and mentally required a strong sense of grounding and focus to quiet the noise and seemingly never-ending to do list around me. Practicing being present in the moment, and in my case being in meditation and contemplation spiritually, allowed me not only to avoid burnout in this busy season but also the claim the beauty of those still small moments of solitude and recharging wherever I could find them. It became a discipline that I focused on practicing, to find my space no matter what ups and downs were immediatelly calling to me, and to choose simplicity and stillness instead. 

I hope this collection of paintings brings you a sense of the simple present before you. 

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