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These six new paintings are inspired by the beauty and richness of fall calling me into stillness.

Every fall, I am reminded of the tremendous pressure for all of us to juggle life at its fullest - with many new beginnings, connections and busyness pushing us to move "forward" during this season. This fullness of life can be so beautiful but often teeters on the edge of becoming overwhelming, stressful and simply too much.

However, when this fullness is intertwined with the flip side - quiet moments, solitude, and even boredom - a steady sense of peace and often surprising creativity and life giving moments emerge!

In this season in all its fullness, I have been trying to find a rhythm that embraces that richness yet allows me to pause, carve out moments of solitude and quiet, and create space for myself to simply be...

This rhythm of embracing the chaos and intentionally seeking solitude has allowed me to experience newfound growth in confidence, renewed acceptance and love of my life and community. I love how the rhythms of grace allow for both the fullness and the quiet to shape us and propel us into becoming more aware of new aspects to our life and self that we may not have known before. I am learning to cherish each of these moments as a gift.

Thank you for being here. 

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