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This body of work explores the question of what happens when one is stripped of all certainty and foundations once solid but now on constant shaky ground. When one's physical, emotional and spiritual selves are forced to come face to face with the fragility of life and the tenuous nature of each moment we have?


The collection of soft tones blended with stark contrasts of light and dark reflect the blurred experience of healing slowly one moment at a time - fighting to emerge from the lingering darkness and yearning to stay afloat and turn our eyes towards life and away from the pain. At the same time, the pointed marks and details created with ink and pastels depict the immediate and most important thoughts and loved ones you find your world suddenly encapsulates fully.


There is a newfound singular focus on each precious and simple moment, unaffected by life's usual concerns and priorities, stripped down to the very moment in front of you. In this vulnerable state, there is only room to look one moment ahead, only space to let in those closely surrounding you. But in doing so, the very worries and concerns that typically crowd our hearts and minds as well as the secondary concerns of image, success, social currency and other external priorities are forced to recede and simply fade away.


What is left is simplicity in its purest form. A simplicity that allows you to breathe in each moment with gratitude for life itself and freedom from the usual stressors and pressures we put ourselves through to chase, to climb and to achieve. There is a gentleness that replaces the busy rhythms, a slowing down of time and each precious moment in place of our universal rush through the weeks, and a beautiful sense of freedom In simplicity.

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