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Welcome to my first full collection of paintings, a series of work that was born out of the desire to reclaim a sense of stillness in the midst of society re-opening anew.


This collection of paintings was born out of a time of transition. Coming out of a year in lockdown was a time of change in so many ways. The shift from closed to open, the act of gathering again with loved ones after spending so much time on our own, and the posture of connection and giving of ourselves versus one of introspection...

As restrictions lifted and we slowly emerged from lockdown, like many of you, I experienced a sense of inner conflict - the push and pull of joyfully experiencing family and community again while simultaneously longing for the simplicity of this past year. 

At a certain point, "Finding Stillness" came to be a reflection of my heart, a means of reclaiming simplicity and quietness in the midst of reconnection and family / community life in all its abundance. 

I hope this collection will speak to you as much as it did for me. While the origins of the collection were born from conflict, the result was a realization that we can be both open and closed at the same time. We can experience community and connection while reclaiming our own sense of peace and quiet solitude as well. There is an art to this balance but there is a beauty to experiencing it in those beautiful moments.


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